a 89th Infantry Division of World War II: The First Time I Saw Paris by Norman Spivock

VE Veteran's Day Program

1. Introduction

In 2010, we remember the 65th Anniversary of the end of WW2 in Europe, better known as " VE-Day ".

A great number of Allied units, found themselves in the heart of the beaten Third Reich, when the war in Europe came to and end. They had fought on the beaches of Normandy, through France and Belgium, endured the bitter fighting during the Battle of the Bulge and crossed the Rhine and Moselle Rivers in the West to arrive Mid-April 1945 in the center of Germany, to be shortly united with Red Army units at the Elbe River in May 1945.

The town of Langenorla, situated in the green region of Thuringia, has committed itself over the last years as a very strong supporter of remembrance. For this special year, we want to honor those who fought for Freedom in April 1945 and have prepared a special program, allowing veterans and their relatives to return to this historical region.


Tuesday, May 4th 2010

- Arrival at Frankfurt International Airport, Germany

- Once everyone is present, departure towards Kahla (Thuringia)

- Installation in the Waldhotel Linzmühle (Kahla)

- Supper in the hotel

Wednesday, May 5th 2010

- Breakfast in hotel

- Departure for Ohrdruf

- Arrival in Ohrdruf and visit of former SIII concentration camp and museum

- Light lunch on-site (we take a lunchbox with us from the hotel)

- Visit to Arnstadt (Free time, eventually visit to town hall, to be confirmed

- Return to Kahl

- Supper in hotel Thursday,

May 6th 2010

- Breakfast in hotel

 - Departure for the Hohenwarte reservoir and a 3 hours boat (sight-seeing) trip on the Hohenwarte reservoir lake

 - Return to Kahla and visit of the Griesson biscuit factory and possibility to buy on-site and taste! - Supper in hotel Friday, May 7th 2010

- Breakfast at hotel

- Departure to Buchenwald, former concentration camp site and visit, together with participants of the international youth camp

- Light lunch on-site

- Afternoon : visit in Weimar, free time to discover the town of Goethe and Schiller

- Possibility to visit the Mödlareuth German border Museum (we will see in function of the time and if you want to participate).

- Return to Kahla

- Supper with all participants of Allied camp and youth camp in Langenorla

- Return to Kahla, hotel Saturday, May 8th 2010

- Breakfast in hotel - Departure to Langenorla

- Participation in WW2 Oldtimer tour, stop in Kahla (Visit of City Museum and "REIMAHG" exhibition) and Hummelshain hunting Castle

- Return to Langenorla

- Lunch with Allied Re-enactors

- Afternoon: free time/rest and possibility to visit Allied WW2 military camp and oral history project with international youth camp participants

- 6 pm: Langenorla, participation at the international ceremony for the VE-Day event, inauguration of a special plate for the U.S. Armed Forces

- Followed by the USO Evening at the town of Langenorla

- Supper on-site

- Return to Kahla, hotel 3.

Interesting information and links

www.waldhotel-linzmuehle.de  (Website, in German, with pictures of the hotel where you will be staying)

www.griesson-debeukelaer.de/en/company/factory-outlets/kahla  (Website, German and English, factory outlet for biscuits market)

www.gemeinde-langenorla.de  (Website of the town of Langenorla, German, English will follow for the VE-Day event)

www.buchenwald.de/english   (Website of the Buchenwald concentration camp Memorial) www.arnstadt.de (Homepage of the city of Arnstadt)

www.walpersberg.de  (Website of the Walpersberg Memorial Association, former underground "REIMAHG" factory near Kahla, German/Italian/English)

www.gtgj.de  (Website of the Jonastal Association, regarding the S III camp complex)

www.weimar.de/nc/en/tourism/homepage (Tourist information website, English, City of Weimar)

www.fahrgastschiffahrt-hohenwarte.de  (Boat trip on the Hohenwarte reservoir)

http://www.frankfurt-airport.com/cms/default/rubrik/26/26371.hotels_at_the_airport.html  (If you need to book a hotel near/at the airport in Frankfurt)

4. Travel, Lodging, costs and administration

a. You need to arrive at Frankfurt International Airport on Tuesday, May 4th 2010.

b. If your flight is one day earlier, that is not a problem, but pick up will happen on Tuesday. You then need to make reservations at the Frankfurt airport to stay one night. The same may apply for the return, as we return to Frankfurt on Sunday May 9th, 2010.

c. Info for the Frankfurt hotel (if you need this), can be found directly here: http://www.frankfurt-airport.com/cms/default/rubrik/26/26371.hotels_at_the_airport.html

d. We will wait until everyone is there and then departure for Kahla.

e. If you need to stay either before or after, please inform us in which hotel you are staying, enabling us to pick you up there or return there on Sunday.

f. Arrival in the afternoon (depending on flight times) at the Waldhotel Linzmühle.

g. Depending on the number of participants, we also have the Saale Hotel in Kahla at our disposal, which is 5 minutes by car from the Waldhotel Linzmühle. We have enough rooms in the Linzmühle, but this is our "reserve" in case of.

h. Prices for the rooms are 36 Euro (1 Euro is currently +/ 1.35 $) for a single room and 52 Euro for a double room.

i. We will be staying from Tuesday May 4th until Sunday May 9th in Kahla, so five nights (36 Euro x 5 = 180 Euro and 52 Euro x 5 = 260 Euro).

j. All prices are breakfast INCLUDED!

k. Meals are also served at the hotel's restaurant, which will be à la carte and paid after the meal.

l. On Friday evening, we offer the BBQ to everyone. m. On Saturday evening, the town of Langenorla offers us the supper, prior to the USO Evening.

n. All rooms are very nicely installed, with sanitation, television.

o. The hotel is situated at the end of a valley, so very quiet and in the middle of the nature.

p. Transport from and to Frankfurt, as well as in the region will be taken care of by us and is free of charge.

q. Visit to the Hohenwarte reservoir is 21 Euro per person for the three hour tour.

r. Light meals can be taken on-board, to paid for on-site.

s. The weather in April can be very nice, but do take warm clothing and raincoat with you, as you never know.

t. Take some solid shoes with you for the visits. Walking will be, in view of the veterans, not too much and we will move at maximum with the transport.

u. I have planned free time in the program, based on my experience with veterans and knowing that it should not be running around only.

v. Please take the necessary paperwork for health care, in case of.

w. Should any medical information be important, please inform me of this.

x. Hospitals are more than present near Kahla (at Jena). y. Subscription will be closed on March 31st, 2010 allowing us to book the rooms. < p > z. To subscribe, please add the form, attached below to the program. Send the subscription form through email to patrickbrion@hotmail.com or patrick.brion@mil.be. < /p >

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